A list of side projects I work on in my spare time.

Some still actively maintained, and others retired or on pause.

gBunny - Simpler and faster git interactions

gBunny is a node module that brings a set of commands, along with a REPL environment, to enhance the interaction with git in your favorite shell (bash, zsh, powershell etc...). gBunny creates indexes of Git entities such as paths, branches and tags and offer utilities to make the entity selection simpler and faster. Some use examples to show it in action. Checkout a branch using the branch selector or the branch index Add files to the stage using path indexes Add files to the stage using path selector Commit all

Myrun Tools

MyRun.Tools is an open source project that aggregates calculators and converters for amateur runners. As an amateur runner, this project was born for a personal need and at the moment the only available tools are the ones I need more frequently. I hope to free up some time to add more because I have many of them on my list.

Vue Tasty Burgers

Vue Tasty Burgers is an easy to use hamburger buttons library for VueJS inspired by the AMBURGERS project. It can be used to easily create hamburger buttons in your VueJS apps.

Vue Sticky Kit

Sticky-kit is a JQuery plugin that provides an easy way to attach elements to the page when the user scrolls so that the element is always visible. This is a Vue.js (v2.x+) integration of such plugin. More info at